Worcestershire Apple Halves, 1955 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week we all have Tom to thank for this recipe. Apparently he isn’t getting enough Worcestershire...

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Sparkling Red Rouser,1967 – A Vintage Recipe Re-Run

I am reposting this drink that ran last year because…well…I guess I am still puzzling it out in my...

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Cherry-Catsup Salad, 1964 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week I felt like mixing together some ketchup and some cherry gelatin. Just because. This is Cherry-Catsup...

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Spaghetti Subs – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

While going through the archives, I ran across this creation from May 2012.  I thought it was so hilarious...

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Top 5 Worst Tested Vintage Recipes From 2014

It’s end of the year round-up time again! But before I bring you 2015, I thought I would bust out the...

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The 11 Scariest Vintage Gelatins For Your Mid-Century Halloween Party

To top off our Halloween countdown, I bring you creepy gelatin. First of all, I just want to put it out...

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California Prune Cream Salad, 1934 – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

So, if you have been following our Facebook page, you may have seen a preview of this lovely thing this...

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Sparkling Red Rouser,1967 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week – because I was bored – I decided to test out a recipe that mixes canned tomato sauce with...

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Grapefruit Cream Pie, 1941 – Mid-Century Recipe Test

I was pretty excited when I picked out this recipe. Grapefruit Cream Pie! How good does that sound? Well,...

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