Jellied Cottage Cheese And Tomato Salad – A Vintage Gelatin Recipe Re-Run

Spring is almost here! And I immediately started thinking of all the gelatin things I am going to make...

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Frankfurter Macaroni Salad Loaf, 1955 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

So, talk about starting this year off with a bang. I bring you perhaps the most completely mid-century...

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Top 5 Worst Tested Vintage Recipes From 2014

Oh guys, here it is! This is the worst stuff Tom and I made this year. Some of it was edible, some was...

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Sancho Panza, 1960 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Who feels like experimenting today? Let’s try mixing tomato juice and…I don’t know. How about rum?...

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Mid-Century Guest Test Saturday: “Shrimp Mold” or “PTSD on a Platter”

by Betty Homemaker   I have been sitting here, staring at the little blinking cursor, wondering...

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Jellied Cottage Cheese And Tomato Salad – A Vintage Gelatin Recipe Test

Want to see something scary? Behold! Jellied cottage cheese and tomato sauce served over coleslaw! It...

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Cheese Ball – A Vintage Church Cookbook Recipe Test

Even though I have an amazing cheese ball recipe already (and a reasonable backup one as well), I can’t...

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Cheese Artichoke Mold – A Mid-Century Gelatin Test

More gelatin this week! This recipe is another gem from our Gelatin Contest which was submitted by Mary...

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Tuna Pizza – A Retro Recipe Re-Run

Hey there! Let’s see a show of hands for everyone who likes tuna pizza! Come on, don’t be shy. Anyone?...

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