Sometimes you just feel like using hot dogs to make a circle on the top of your dinner and then filling that circle with shredded cheese. 

What? You don’t feel like that?

Well, never mind. Maybe that’s just me.


In any case, this is Frank-A-Roni Dinner!!


This fun ring recipe comes from Dollar Dinners Made Easy With Dairy Foods, which is a cute pamphlet that has a lot of “interesting” casserole recipes in it. I just picked this one straight off the bat because…well…ring of frankfurter slices.

I am sure you understand.


So, I have bronchitis. Again. I’m not sure what exactly the deal is, except that I can’t breathe very well. And I need to rest. But this time I prepared ahead and I had a good selection of easy recipes to pick from that needed only a minimal amount of effort.

But Tom wouldn’t let me do even that.

“Stop. Stop. What are you doing?”

“I’m going to the kitchen. I need to make the recipe test.”

“Is that the hot dog thing that you’ve been muttering about?”


He snatched the recipe card out of my hand. “You go sit on the couch. Alex and I have got this. Right, Alex?”

“Yes! I want to cut the hot dogs!”


So, I sat on the couch. And Alex cut hot dogs.


Overall, it was a pretty good deal. And TJ kept wandering into the kitchen because they were feeding him plain elbow mac, which he loves, so that was adorable.


It’s goooo!!! Cottage cheese goo.


They even let me put all the shredded cheese in the center, which was nice.

It was also a large amount of cheese.


Fresh from the oven.


See? Too much of a good thing!!! It wouldn’t scoop.


“You don’t have to eat that bite if you don’t want to.”

“Are you kidding me? It’s all melted cheese. Of course I want to.”


“Having trouble?”



“Tastes like cottage cheese and hot dogs.”

“At least it’s hot.”

“Yeah, but that cheese should have really been stirred in.”

The Verdict: Funny

From The Tasting Notes –

As most of you have realized by now, the whole cup of cheese in the center was very dramatic and fun, but it didn’t really improve the flavor at all. The casserole would have been much better with that cup of cheese stirred in rather than in a big glob on the top. That being said, the casserole was very creamy and bland, pretty much just like if you stirred cottage cheese in with noodles and hot dogs. But the kids loved it, and Tom ate quite a bit, too. I ate half of my portion before I was overcome by dairy. In a side note, there were leftovers to this, so Tom sautéed another onion and added a can of condensed tomato soup and another cup of shredded cheese and stirred that all together with the leftovers and rebaked it.  Which was so, so salty. But delicious in a trashy way.

And now, Alex’s taste-test:


“So yummy and cheesy!”