Miniature Weiner Wellingtons

Posted on Dec 15 2010 - 7:22am by RetroRuth

Oh boy!  Have I got a fun MCMenu for all you Crazy Kids this week!

This week we visit Chicago.  It’s 1972, and Dad has just returned from good ‘ole Smithe and Shanahan (a furniture and appliance store) on the corner with the new Martha Holmes Holiday Recipes in his fist (brought to you by People’s Gas).  Mom is sitting at the kitchen table, looking glum, because the annual holiday bridge get together is coming up, and every year Mrs. Reynolds down the street brings her famous three-tier tomato jello mold and hogs all the glory.  It’s not good enough for that Reynolds woman to have a constantly clean house and perfect children, but she has to have perfect jello, too! Mom needs something really great for this year. Something that will blow them all away.

Dad clomps into the kitchen, leaving snow on the floor.  On his way to the fridge, he slings Martha Holmes’ Cookbook in front of Mom.  Curious, Mom opens to the appetizer page.  And finds just what she needs to put that Reynolds woman on ice.

I know.  I know.  Isn’t it the best name for a recipe? Ever?  I think it is.  Just say it out loud.  Right now.  Come on.  Even if you are at work.  We can all do it together.

“Minature. Weiner. Wellingtons.”

Oh yes.  And how can a weiner be in a Wellington you ask?  And how can I write such a crazy sentence with a straight face? Both are mysteries.  I am sure that most of you are familiar with the delectable and wonderful Beef Wellington, which is a beef tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry.  Now, before said beef is wrapped in said pastry, it is usually smeared with a variety of things.  Pate, duxelles (a fancy French word for yummy mushroom goo) and mustard are some of the most common things. 

So if you look at it that way, stuffing a cocktail weenie with liver sausage and wrapping it in crescent roll dough doesn’t sound too crazy.  Hah ha. Ha.


Okay, interesting side note; “Weiner Wellington” is a very flexible phrase.  It can fit in a lot of places.  For example, if you are singing Christmas Carols in your kitchen while cooking, the phrase “Weiner Wellington” can be substituted for almost all of the lyrics.  Try it. 

“Oh come, they told me Weiner Wellington”

I love it!

At this point, a movie reference started niggling in the back of my mind.  It took me almost until I was finished stuffing the weiners (snicker) for my brain to finish making the completely random connection.  It reminded me of…THE TWINKIE WEINER SANDWICH!

Yes, that’s the one!  I know, not exactly the same thing, but the human brain is a mysterious thing.

An army of liver stuffed weenies.  God help us all.

Here they are!  Ready for the oven!  Mmmmmm…..

Now, as an added, bonus twist, I had these babies ready for Tom when he came home from work for lunch one day.  That was a surprise!

“So it’s good, huh?”

“Yeah, tastes pretty good.  It could use a whole lot of cheese, though.”

The Verdict: Pretty good.  I thought cocktail weenies and liverwurst would be vile, but it actually was pretty tasty.  Greasy, rich and, after the third one they were pretty nauseating, but the first two were good.  Oh, and they tasted good on the initial bite, and then swallowing, but afterwards there was a pretty funky aftertaste.  I have no idea what it was from.

“A newborn King to see, Weiner Wellington.”

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  1. Sara in AZ December 15, 2010 at 10:35 am - Reply

    Wow! It was actually good! And Tom is happy – Yay! 🙂 Cocktail weenies stuffed with liverwurst, I can’t even begin to picture what it would taste like. But, now I know it’s good in case I ever want to give it a try! hee!

  2. Eartha December 15, 2010 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Hee! I love how you incorporated the Christmas carols and the movie clip! The story about the couple was really nice too. You had me at “Miniature Weiner Wellington” as “Little Kelly Wellington” is one of my nicknames from the Mister (don’t ask me why!)

    These are just like the “pigs in a blanket” that my Mom always makes except for that (gak!) liverwurst (gak!) and sprinkles of cheese. So in my mind, I can see how these might be tasty if one doesn’t mind the taste of Liverwurst. I don’t ever remember seeing such a sparkle in Tom’s eyes after trying a recipe. Good show!

  3. Barbara December 15, 2010 at 11:55 am - Reply

    Wow, a happy Tom! I guess I’ll have to try those!!

  4. Andrea December 15, 2010 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    LOL, they got the thumbs up! Looks like Tom’s surprise MCM lunch wasn’t too bad!

  5. thissideofgaudy December 22, 2010 at 11:04 am - Reply

    You said “wellingtons” and I began trying to figure out how you made crescent rolls and cocktail weiners look like rainboots. Perhaps I have been reading a few too many British blogs. Naahhhh! Glad Tom got something he liked this time. Merry and Happy!

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