Good Housekeeping App Book001

So, I might not have had the best time watching the Super Bowl, but I had a great time cooking for it. After I finished the fun stuff for our two person Super Bowl Party (Artichoke dip, taco dip and buffalo chicken meatballs), I broke out the mid-century snacks because…well…I had too. I had the greatest snack book ever!

Check out this beauty.  It’s the Appetizer Book from Good Housekeeping and was published in 1958. It is filled with the most amazing crap to serve. Really. And one of the greatest things is right on the cover. Crackers, olives and Spam on toothpicks and jammed into a candle!

And the daisies are a nice touch, too.

Good Housekeeping App Book002

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the proper-sized unscented candle (vanilla scented Spam? Really? That stuff is bad enough on its own!) so I decided to take the easy way out, and just shove everything into a grapefruit.


The ingredients here are mixed with those for Planetary Frankfurters, which are hilarious and are coming up next week!


Ah, Spam. How mid-century housewives loved you.


Cubed up and ready to go.

As a side note, we gave one of our cats a piece of Spam, which she gobbled down faster than anything that has ever been in her mouth before. It turned her into a Spam-crazed maniac for the rest of the day, jumping from counters to tables frantically trying to grab another piece.

It’s powerful, powerful stuff people. Use with caution.


Anyway, on to the Snack Ball.

Take a toothpick and a cracker.


Insert toothpick into cracker.


Add a chunk of whatever you have laying around.  In this case, it is a piece of Spam, complete with the meaty gelatin that clings to the Spam when you de-can it.


Add a chunk of something else.


Perfect every time.


Then take your kabob and plunge it into an unsuspecting grapefruit.

Warning: Grapefruits WERE harmed in the making of this recipe.


Vary as much or as little as you like until you run out of cubes or space on your grapefruit.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? Like a Mid-Century Medusa.


Tom, unnecessarily jamming and entire cracker kabob into his mouth.


This is the look I got when I told him to stop it.


And this is him chewing said kabob.


And this is him not being impressed.

The Verdict: Fun. Basically just cheese and crackers jammed in a grapefruit. Definitely a different way to serve snacks.  Some bologna or  sausage can be substituted for the Spam, or you can just leave it out altogether. A big plus is how easy it is!

Hmmm…I wonder how they would taste jammed into a bacon-scented candle…