We have cocktails, SPAM, marshmallows and very, very thin bread this week from eBay!


Hormel Cookbook

Hormel Cookbook II

Hormel Cookbook III

Hormel Cookbook IV

Why I Want This: I could always use 253 more things to do with SPAM!

Vintage 1950’S Cocktail Opener W/Coctail Recipes Inside

Bottle Opener Bar Book

Bottle Opener Bar Book II

Why I Want This: Just when you think mid-century stuff couldn’t get any cooler…

Vintage Deans Dairy Products Country Charm Recipes Booklet

Dean's Short Cut Recipes

Why I Want This: Spring Preview Parfait looks like it deserves a whirl, and the salad on the front makes me want to see what other jewels are in this book.

Vintage Booklet Happy Hour Barguide 45 Prize Recipes

Happy Hour Bar Guide

Why I Want This: They look like they are all having a blast, don’t they? Especially the guy with the guitar.

1953 Campfire marshmallow & Apple Betty recipe vintage print ad

Marshmallow Apple Betty

Why I Want This: Marshmallows make everything a million times better.

Vintage ACE Slice-A-Slice Bread Slicer w/Original Box & Instructions/Recipes

Slice a Slice Very Thin Bread

Why I Want This: My bread is thin…but it could be thinner! It could be very thin! Seriously though, this could make some wicked cocktail sandwiches.

Vintage Print Ad 1936 SWIFT’S PREMIUM FRANKFURTS Recipe

Swift's Split Franfurters

Why I Want This: A hot dog stuffed with swiss cheese and relish, sprinkled with brown sugar and served on pineapple! Why didn’t I think of this?

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