Who is ready to see some fun vintage recipes that are made to please with cheese? This week we have strange-shaped appetizers, romantic hot dogs and undiluted tomato soup!

 1971 Cheese Cones Photo & Recipe Vintage Best Foods Ad

Cheese Cones

Why I Want This: Cheese Pinecones?!?! What’s not to love? The best part is they make it sound so effortless. “Shape on serving board to resemble pine cone.” Love it.

 1954 vintage AD Chicken of the Sea mermaid Recipe for Tuna Macaroni Cheese Loaf

Tuna Loaf

Why I Want This: So, this is like a layered meatloaf that my mother-in-law made for us recently, which makes me want to try this. Also, I want to see how those macaroni layers end up tasting, since there is really no white sauce involved. Apparently you just pour bread crumbs, macaroni and milk together and smash it all in a pan. Yum!

 Vintage 1968 Yummy Images of Fondue & Kraft Foods Recipe Fun 2pg 60's Print Ad


Why I Want This: Sooo…does “heart afire” mean heartburn? That pizza in the corner has Cheese Whiz topped with sliced hot dogs on it. Hot dogs. And this is supposed to be a romantic meal.  I love it. I seriously want to make this for Tom so badly! He would probably never speak to me again.


Lucy Long

Lucy Long II

Why I Want This: Oh my goodness, I want to make these so bad. Cakes made from cottage cheese and tuna? Covered with undiluted tomato soup? Would that even work? I mean, taste aside, would they even stick together or would they just break apart and just be a huge tuna-y mess?

 Vintage Quick Cheese Tricks Kraft's Cheez Whiz

Cheese Whiz

Cheese Whiz II

Why I Want This: So, those party appetizers are just slices of white bread spread with Cheese Whiz and rolled up, aren’t they? In fact, I think everything on that tray is just bread spread with Cheese Whiz. Those snacks are either for the best party ever, or the worst party ever. Also, would those Cheese Whiz rolls even work? When a guest picked it up and ate it wouldn’t Cheese Whiz just go shooting out all over the carpet? That’s it. These NEED to be tested.

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