I was happy that you guys were interested in seeing more eBay picks, because I am always finding more fun stuff to show you!

First off, we have more cooking with soda fun!

 Vintage Dr Pepper Teen-Age Parties Recipe Pamphlet

Dr. Pepper Teen Parties

Why I Want This: I have to admit that I am sort of obsessed with these cookbooks that use so much soda. The best part is the seller scanned some of the recipes to give us a sneak peek!

Quickie Chocolate Cake Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Recipes

Cheese-Pickle Stuffed Celery with Dr. Pepper in it? Who wouldn’t love that?

 intage California Way Advertising Booklet Sparkling Wine Cooler

Sparkling Wine Pamphlet

Why I Want This:  Made the California Way! With Wine! The California Way!


Moolah Cookbook

Why I Want This:  With a red fez that says “Moolah” on the cover, the inside has to be gold.

 Vintage 1960s Cookbook KITTY WELL'S COOK BOOK Country Music Star

Kitty Wells Cookbook

Why I Want This: I want to know how Kitty Wells cooks!

Kitty Wells Recipes

Hello, Sloppy Joe Franks!

 Vintage Black,White &Gray WESTINGHOUSE Stove Recipe Box – Salesman Sample

Westinghouse Stove Card Box

Why I Want This:  It is a vintage oven recipe card box! Who DOESN’T want this?

Stove Recipe Box


 Vintage RECIPE BOOKLET from SPARKLE Gelatin & Pudding Desserts c1937

Sparkle Gelatin

Why I Want This: I have never seen a Sparkle gelatin cookbook before, so I was intrigued by this one. The clarity of that gelatin on the cover astounds me.

Sparkle Back

 Retro Vintage MIRRO Alumilite Copper-Tone Pink Mold Set 5 Piece + Recipes

Mirro Gelatin Molds

Why I Want This: Gelatin molds! You can never have enough.

 Famous Drinks of New Orleans

Famous Drinks of New Orleans

Why I Want This: Okay, so this one is from the 80’s, but I just couldn’t resist it. Maybe it is the cover photography with the floating drinks on it, or maybe the happy piano keys inside the book, but I sort of think this looks totally awesome.

Recipes of Drinks

So, that’s it for this week! Hope you guys got a kick out of it and are looking forward to next week. Me, I think I need a Dr. Pepper…

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