So, one of the greatest things about going home to your folk’s house for the holidays is that you don’t have to cook. The second greatest thing is when the meals that your folks cook are vintage! Not only did I get a post out of this meal, but I didn’t have to MAKE it or CLEAN UP AFTER!

Have I mentioned that I love Tom’s mom a lot? Well, I do.


These are sloppy joes that have, as the secret ingredient, a can of condensed chicken gumbo soup!


This is  from the same cookbook (different edition) that the much-loved layered meatloaf is from.



I was really interested to see how these turned out, because sloppy joes at our house growing up never had a recipe. My mom would just throw in ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, vinegar and brown sugar until it “tasted right” and then we would eat. Not that there is anything wrong with that way, since that is the way I make sloppy joes now and Tom has never complained once. Unlike that meatloaf thing.


“Do I even need to ask if these are good? You are wolfing that thing down.”


“Nope, they are great.”

The Verdict: Good

From The Tasting Notes:

These sandwiches are interesting, a little on the bland side compared to the sloppy joes I grew up with, but they still tasted like a sloppy joe even though they were mostly soup. The rice was actually an interesting touch, and I liked it. I put on some extra ketchup and some cheese on mine, but Tom bolted his down as it was and loved it.

Thanks, Ma!