Okay, I PROMISE this is going to be my last post on Vincent Price. Well…for this year. But the recent Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong was so fun I thought I would give you guys some quick highlights and links so you could check out some more of the Vincent Price madness!

Beef Heart Stewed – Dinner is Served, 1972


Ugh, I was SO JEALOUS when I found out Emily from Dinner is Served, 1972 was assigned this dish! Not that I didn’t love the Un-Wealthy Wellington I made, but I have always wanted to set a platter of heart in front of Tom just to see what he does. If you haven’t checked out this post, go on over and read it. The pictures of her stuffing the heart are pretty epic!

Deviled Rib Bones – My Custard Pie


I don’t know how she did it, but Sally from My Custard Pie made these ribs look really, really gorgeous. And delicious, too. These are going on my short list of things to try! So head over to My Custard Pie to get the recipe!

Chicken Liver Risotto – Saucy Cherie


Liiiiiiiiiivvvvvvveeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Saucy Cherie does it up right with this Vincent Price recipe, and I have to say I am a bit jealous of this one as well. I am actually throwing around the idea of skipping our usual rice stuffing for Thanksgiving and whipping up this recipe instead! Head on over to Saucy Cherie to check out the whole post!

Carolina Deviled Clams – Bittersweet Susie


I hate clams, so Bittersweet Susie’s adventure in deviled clams was especially hilarious to me! Check it out if you want to see some fun photography, hot sauce jokes and a pretty rockin’ party.

Melon Monster – Retro Recipe Attempts


This melon is actually a little squash, but that didn’t make this recipe any less delicious OR adorable. How cute is this thing? I am loving the little face and the fact that it is stuffed with delectable cheese spread. Head on over to Retro Recipe Attempts to see the whole recipe!

Chinese Chicken – The Retro WW Experiment


Apparently I can’t get enough recipes with Angostura Bitters in them, because this recipe for Chinese Chicken is going to get made at our house! This recipe over on The Retro WW Experiment is from the same Angostura Bitters campaign that my recipe came from, which means I HAVE to make it!

But that isn’t all! Here are some more fab Vincent recipes that were tested out by intrepid bloggers. I wish I could have shown all of them in detail, but then this post would be miles long! So take a read through the list, you won’t regret it.

Brian of Caker CookingFish Fillets Nord Zee

Cathy of Battenburg BelleDeviled Shrimp and Rice

Angela of Glamorous GluttonSteak Moutarde Flambe

Lauren of The Past on a Plate Ayrshire Poacher’s Roll

Carol of Craftypants CarolDeviled Crab

Helen of Zelda’s ZecretsChampignons Grilles Marie Victoire

Lisa of Beyond the FringesCalf’s Liver Marine

Jenny of Silver Screen Suppers – Oxtail Soup