Well, Tom and I are knee-deep in tuna recipes and even deeper in actual cans of tuna fish! It is pretty exciting, we’ve had more entries for this contest than we ever have before.  And I’m not going to lie to you. Some of them are really, really, bad.  I mean, really bad.

And that is really, really exciting.

Is it brains??? Is it squid?? What on earth could it be??


We did some quick calculations when we were making out this week’s grocery list, and we decided that we will be eating tuna recipes from you guys for about three weeks! Crazy, huh?  Now, that does include a couple of sanity-break meals, and some time off for good behavior, but still. Wow.


So, these are some crazy sneak peeks of the tuna madness that is coming up. Straight from our kitchen to your browser. Yum!

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