Whew! Well, thank you to everyone who has been hanging on through this Mid-Century Menu drought! And thank you to everyone who emailed me and commented asking if everything was okay. Everything was just fine, and now it is even better because I am done with my big “project.”

Meet TJ!


TJ, or Thomas Jonathan, was born about three weeks ago, and we are so happy that he is finally here. And I am so happy that I am done being pregnant! Besides the normal pregnancy irritations and worries, I also had gestational diabetes and was told by my doctor in about month six that I needed to “stop making and eating all that weird food.” So I stopped testing recipes. In fact, I stopped looking at recipes all together because I couldn’t stand it. I missed testing recipes, and you guys, dreadfully.


But we are back in business now! You can expect lots of “new” vintage recipes from here on out, though I might miss a few weeks here and there due to sleeplessness and the amazing amount of dirty diapers we have to change. Seriously. TJ eats like a champ!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I can’t wait to get back to making and sharing “weird” food!