Welcome back to another week of food from behind the scenes of Astronauts Wives Club!!! Episode 8 only has a few lovely food photos to share with you. But no worries, according to Emily the amount of food in the last two episodes is epic, so we have that to look forward to!

I am happy to bring you some close-ups of this food courtesy of food stylist Emily Marshall, who worked like crazy to make sure that the food from Astronauts Wives Club was the most mid-century it could be!

Shepard Dinner

shepard dinner 1

This lovely planked ham with peas and piped potatoes was served with a tomato salad and rolls. The inspiration for this dinner was this vintage Del Monte ad:


Bon Voyage Plate

bon voyage tray

Here is the tray that the wives assembled for Betty! According to Emily, the propmaster wanted it to be “typical French-y food”. I think Emily delivered!

Funeral Food

Finger Sandwiches

finger sandwiches 2

finger sandwiches

These cute sandwiches were very simple and, according to Emily, were also very delicious. There is whipped butter and cucumbers on white bread and whipped butter, ham and pickle slices on wheat bread.

Meringue Kisses

meringue cookies

Emily confessed that these were store-bought, but she was still very excited to use them because they were so gorgeous. If you want to try your hand at making some, here is a recipe for Kisses from a community cookbook called Food For Fellowship, which was published in 1960.


In addition to this food, there were a few things that Emily didn’t get photographed. Louise brings over a simple spaghetti casserole to Pat. Emily says that the casserole was just spaghetti noodles, sauce and cheese.

In Betty’s dream, Gus makes her scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, OJ and coffee.

Also, the wives get together and make chicken a la king  and bologna sandwiches to put in hampers for the bereaved wives. The sandwiches were bread, cheese, bologna, mayo and mustard, though no condiments were actually used for filming. Emily based them off of the sandwiches her mother made them for school lunches.  Here is a quick recipe I found in The Family Cookbook from 1962 for Chicken a la King:

Chicken a la King001


A big thanks to Emily Marshall, who was so generous in sharing all her awesomely styled food pictures! And if you like this and want to see more, make sure to tune in Thursdays at 8 pm on ABC to watch more of Emily’s food in Astronaut Wives Club, and come back next week when we showcase food from Episode 9!