This week we are making something incredibly easy and meant to drink with RC Cola. This is Peanut ‘n’ Ham Spread!



Peanut ‘n’ Ham Spread
Author: RC Cola, 1952
“Enjoy RC with this smart party snack! It’s delightfully different and delicious.”
  • Equal quantities peanuts and ham spread
  1. Chop peanuts into tiny bits.
  2. Mix with an equal amount of ham spread.
  3. Serve this spread on crackers.

I love it when the recipes only have two ingredients. Nothing more easy than that, right?


This one was made even more easy by the use of my Nutribullet (aka The Baby Food Maker) chopping up all the peanuts, rather than chopping them by hand.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any salted peanuts on hand, but I thought I could make do with unsalted because of the saltiness of the canned ham spread.


Ta-Da! Mixed and molded to perfection!


So, this is what our life is like. Not only did I not have salted peanuts, but I also forgot to buy RC Cola. Tom found me with my head in my hands over my peanut-ham crackers.

“What’s wrong? The crackers aren’t that ugly.”

“I forgot to by RC Cola.”

“Why do we need that?”

“This is supposed to be a snack to eat while you drink cola. We can’t test properly if we don’t have the cola.”

“That’s crap. I can still tell you whether or not these taste good.”



“How bad is it?”

“Not bad, actually.


“It would have been better with salted peanuts.”

“And RC Cola?”

“They would be good with RC Cola. But not better.”

The Verdict: Good

From The Tasting Notes –

If we would have used salted peanuts, this would have been a lot better. But as it was, it was still good. Had an interesting texture. Would be a really good snack with RC or Coke, because peanuts and cola are a good combo.

However, be warned. It did have some issues adhering to the cracker!