This tested recipe is STILL from our Gelatin Contest! Can you believe it? I never thought I would be dragging this thing out until 2013, but here you go. And we still have 11 tested gelatins yet to go, so if you submitted a recipe but haven’t seen it yet, don’t give up hope! More are coming, I swear.


Anyway, this lovely gelatin was submitted by Dean, who writes:

This is a jello recipe our family actually always loved as kids, and I made it many times since then for my kids’ birthday parties, and such. It was a staple of all of our family gatherings for years, and still shows up now and then. It’s very good, and I imagine you could do the same with raspberries and raspberry sherbet, etc.



Orange Jell-O

  • 1 large orange gelatin
  • 2 cans mandarin oranges
  • 1 pint orange sherbet
  1. Bring to boil liquid from oranges and water to make 2 cups of liquid.
  2. Add jello, dissolve, then add sherbet, dissolve.
  3. Finally add oranges, put in a mold and chill.



Thanks for the recipe, Dean! Not only was this recipe easy, but we appreciate the fact that we actually looked forward to this recipe. You might even say that Tom was excited about it.


Well, it was probably more accurate to say that he was excited about all the orange sherbet that he got to scarf down while I was making the recipe, but excited is excited, so there you go.

Also, you will notice that my pretty ring of set oranges didn’t stay put when I poured in the melted sherbet and gelatin mixture. It was probably still too hot. Oops! So, if you want to make a design and have it stay where you want it, make sure the rest of your gelatin has cooled slightly before adding it to the mold.


Oh well, it still looks good!




“How is it?”

“It’s orange.”

The Verdict: Good.

From the Tasting Notes:

Tastes like orange Jell-O with oranges in it. Good, pretty, fun and easy to make.

Thanks for the recipe, Dean!