Okay, this is finally it.  I FINALLY made the last entry for the Worst Recipe Contest. Finally!  This entry is from ModernSuzie, who I hope is still reading this blog after it took me so long to post her entry.  But the long wait is over! We finally did it!!

Anyway, ModernSuzie writes:

I love your blog, Mid-Centruy Menu posts are my favourite (you and your hisband must have iron stomachs)! I’m not sure if these two will count but I’ll send them just in case anyway. Last Christmas, my grandparents retirement home put together a cookbook called “Recipes from the Past: 1920 to 1960,” and guess what I recieved as a gift? Many of the recipes are odd but these two have to be among the worst. Like I said, I don’t know if these will count as they’re not from an original retro cookbook, so, if they don’t, thats okay but definately read them (they sound inedible)!

Modern Suzie

Wow, thanks Modern Suzie! And with that ringing endorsement, let’s check out the recipes.

Okay, that’s disgusting.

I….ummm…wow.  I don’t know what to even say about this.  Maybe he got confused and started ordering lunch instead of finishing his recipe submission.

Of course, we decided to make the Tomato Shrimp Salad. Of course.

It is amazing how a crazy pile of ingredients starts to look normal after a year and a half of the Mid-Century Menu.  What do you mean a jug of vinegar and lemon jello don’t go together?  Are you crazy?  You can’t have lemon jello without a jug of vinegar.

At this point Tom and I started having a discussion about what exactly lemon jello is used for in the current cooking culture.  I mean, are there any GOOD recipes out there that use lemon jello?  I vaguely recall a cheesecake recipe that used it, but does anyone have something better? Cause I couldn’t think of anything.

This picture is disgusting for so many reasons.

I actually had to whisk this to get the tomato soup mixed in properly. I can’t think of anything more disgusting that little beads of unmixed tomato soup in your gelatin.

Actually, in this dish you probably wouldn’t even notice.

Yeah, cause every good jello needs onions and celery. Every. Single. One.

Oh man.  These shots never fail to make me disgusted. Bleh.

Mmmm…pure deliciousness.

Good Lord.

There it is. Shiny. Red. Extra long.  That’s about as far as I can go.  This is a family blog.

This photo serves no other purpose that to laugh at my ineptness.  Yes, I have bigger plates.  No, I did not use them.  Now the salad is a Slip ‘N Slide.

We decided crackers were a good delivery system for this one.  I mean, could anything make it worse at this point?   

The brave warrior stares his opponent in the eye.  He does not flinch. He does not turn away.

Oh my God!  A look of disgust!!!  It was quick and involuntary, but there it is!!!

Wow.  Good job Modern Suzie!!! One of the few to crack the iron mask!

The Verdict:  Gross. The gelatin was sweet and tomato-ey.  Tom was disgusted and so was I.  I took one bite and then set my unfinished cracker down.  Tom ate maybe four more, and then he called it quits too. While I was making it, I was vaugely reminded of a shrimp cocktail, so this recipe might be salvagable with added horseradish. Maybe.

Thanks Modern Suzie, and everyone who submitted recipes for the Worst Recipe Contest!