Wow!  We have a pretty funny recipe this week, and it includes Tom’s most hated of all ingredients: American Cheese.  That’s right. The Man With The Iron Stomach can’t stand American Cheese! He is human after all, Folks.

So this great recipe comes from Melanie, and she submitted it on our Facebook Page (Friend us! Please!)  Melanie says:

Not sure where the recipe (if there was one) came from, but my mom used to make hamburger patties, cover them with tomato soup, straight from the can, and then place a slice of velveeta cheese on top of each burger. Stick in oven and cook until a greasy mess. While gunk is in the oven, boil potatoes. When “dinner” is ready, serve greasy tomato/cheesy burgers. Use excess sauce over potatoes.

Melanie, I think everyone will agree with me when I say: Gross. That is just gross.

Of course, Tom and I couldn’t resist.  We can never say “no” to a disgusting recipe.

 I love it when there are hardly any ingredients!

 Poor, scared little hamburger patties.  No idea what is going to be done to them. 

Oh, and I added some onion here, just for some kind of flavor in this thing. Other than soup.

 Aaaaaaand here’s the soup.

 I have to admit that this is a great picture. Just…gross.

 Cheese, please!

Then I chucked it in the oven, and Tom got himself a beer. 

 Okay, so what does this look like to you?  This is great, kind of like the MCMenu Rorschach test.

This looks like:

– The terrain of an alien planet

– Some lemmings jumped into a geyser

– Really, really bad acne

– The inside of Tom’s stomach after the MCMenu

– A cheese volcano

– Dog barf

– Frogs eggs

What do you guys think it looks like?  Feel free to chime in!

I’ll tell you what it doesn’t look like.  It doesn’t look like anything that is freaking edible, that’s for sure!

Also, it stinks.

 Tom agrees. 

 But he is a good sport anyway.  Always willing to take one for the team.

Aaaaaaand, he hates it.

“Oh, God.  It tastes like cigarette butts!”

 I tasted it.  Actually, I didn’t find it that disgusting, but it did have a faint taste of cigarette butts. It was edible, but only just. Meanwhile, Tom was liberally applying seasonings to get it down.


The Verdict: Edible, but Tom thought it was gross.  He only ate one serving of this, which means I ate more of the food than he did!  That has to be some kind of first.  Anyway, it pretty much tasted like hamburgers topped with tomato soup and Velveeta.  So, not good.

Hats off to you, Melanie, for eating this and living to tell about it! Thanks for a “great” recipe!