Well, I think this contest has been inevitable, don’t you?  Only a matter of time until we sent out this request: Tom and I want to hear from you guys, and we want the most creative, bizzare, weird, nasty, ugly, retch-inducing recipe you have.

In short, we are looking for the Worst Mid-Century Recipe.

And what will we give you for all your searching and questing?  Why, a vintage Pyrex casserole dish overflowing with goodies, that’s what!

Pretty slick, huh?  The grand prize winner of this fab contest with receive a vintage, covered Pyrex dish, a smocked yellow gingham apron, a kick-butt oven mitt,  three vintage cookbooks used on the Mid-Century Menu AND a vintage Tupperware cake and pie server.  All to help you make the best Mid-Century Cook you can be!


So, what are the rules to this contest??? Very simple: Send us your weirdest Mid-Century Recipes!  We are looking for things that just aren’t right, combinations that make you go, “What the…?”, and just the all out gross-out factor.  Hideous, wrong pictures of dishes are a bonus, but not required. Gelatin dishes are especially welcome.

The recipes should be from the time frame of 1930-1980, and scans of recipes are preferred, but clear photos will do in a pinch. Email them to ruth@nopatternrequired.com by July 15th at midnight. Tom and I will choose the craziest four and actually make them, choking them down and rating them as best we can.  But the actual results will be up to you, brave readers! You will then vote for the one out of the four recipes that deserves the title of Worst Mid-Century Recipe!


I hope Tom’s stomach is excited, because I know I am! Once again, submit your recipe to ruth@nopatternrequired.com by July 15th at Midnight.  And pimp this contest out to your friends, family, FB followers and blog readers.  I want everyone to know about this baby, because I want to find the WORST that’s out there.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have got for us!