Welcome again to another exciting, spine-tingling episode of the Mid-Century Menu.  This is a great one for two reasons.  Well…three actually. The first reason is that Sara and her husband Mike helped us make this Menu.  So it was tons of fun.  The second is that this is the much-anticipated “Mexican Spaghetti” I was shooting my mouth off about last week. 

And the third reason kind of grows out of that second reason.  I think this is the first Mid-Century Menu where the NAME of the dish is completely inaccurate. It turns out that Mexican Spaghetti is not Mexican. Or spaghetti.  So figure that one out.

Anyway, this is from the great cookbook Prize Winning Recipes, published by American Beauty Macaroni.  This cookbook has brought us some classics from the past, such as Mexican Macaroni Casserole (loaded with sour cream) and Macaroni Loaf (a favorite of the Detroit Public School system). 

Now, we venture onward with Mexican Spaghetti.  Or maybe backward.  All I know is that we are going somewhere…

But it isn’t any fun.

I like the olive and parsley garnish.  It really makes it classy.

Okay, ham, elbow macaroni, peas.  Yep, we have everything we need for a Mexican feast!

Thanks to my excellent photographers (Go Sara and Tom!) the transformation from a nonsensical pile of ingredients to delectable Mexican main dish is well documented.  You barely even need me at all!  Well, maybe a little. Mostly because I was wearing a cute apron.  Anyway, enjoy the time-honored tradition of making Mexican Spaghetti!

Ta-da!  Finished!!  A Mexican Masterpiece!


Cramming it in.

“Enjoying” the Mexican flavor.


Going back for more.

The Verdict:  Not horrible, definitely edible. We all ate a serving of it, even though it was almost 10:30 at night and we were full from the Lindsey Cheese.  The “Mexican Spaghetti” pretty much tasted like macaroni with ham and canned tomatoes.  Not bad, but nothing exciting either.  The cheese was kind of a gross addition, but I just ate around it.