Hello all my little Mid-Modlets!

It is that spine-tinglingly, lip-smackingly exciting time again! You THINK I am going to say “Time for the Mid-Century Menu”, but I have to say it is even more exciting than that.

It’s Spam time.  Oh yes.

And the Spam recipe comes out of the snappy little Campbell’s cookbook from two weeks ago that gave us the fantastic Spaghetti ‘N Franks Casserole. Which was, of course, pure bliss and didn’t taste at ALL like barf. Not even the Spaghetti-O’s. 

In an interesting side note, it was kind of fun to see everyone’s reaction to the dissing of Spaghetti-O’s.  It turns out some people really, really like them.  Really.

Anyway, this week I was excited because I got to use a product that I didn’t realize even exsisted. Canned mac & cheese.  That’s right.  For those of you too lazy to make mac & cheese from the box, I bring you the crap stuffed into a can.  If that isn’t a convenience food, I don’t know what is.

Now, I know what you are going to say.  “Ruth, that recipe is 50 years old.  There is NO WAY that they still make canned mac & cheese anymore.”

Oh yeah, Smart Guy???  Check out Exhibit “A” :

Wow, after all these years.  It’s still around. Wow.

Making little troll fingers out of Spam.

So, whatever fat I saved by buying “Light” Spam has now been negated by me frying it in butter. Yum.

Nicely browned. A cat’s delight.

Well, this won’t be so bad, right?  After all, I like mac & cheese. I will just pour it out of the can and…

Oh.  Well. Okay then.

Reminds me of going to Dairy Queen.


No wait.  That wasn’t very convincing.  Maybe if I typed it bigger…


Yeah, that wasn’t very convincing either.

This TOTALLY doesn’t look like barf.

Nope, larger letters weren’t convincing there, either.

“I didn’t even know they made mac & cheese in a can.”

“This tastes…interesting. Almost like mac & cheese.


“With Spam.


“And sour cream on it.”


“What’s this supposed to be again?”


“No way.”


The Verdict: Great, if you like Spam and mac & cheese together. Otherwise, you probably won’t like this.  And this tastes exactly like  you imagine it would. Also, for all of you dying to know what canned mac & cheese tastes like, it isn’t completely gross.  But it isn’t pleasant either.  I would describe the texture as somewhere between raw eggs and snot, and if it gets cold it is just shy of nasty.