Need a nice, refreshing drink for these long, hot end-of-summer days? Try this! Seriously, try it. It is surprisingly light and delicious. I pulled this recipe out for the third or fourth time last night for Tom to mix up after the little one toddled off to bed. Mix this drink with some firefly watching (either the bugs or the show) and you are all set!

This one isn’t really a cocktail so much as it is…beer. But it is still alcohol, so here we go!


Ginger Gaff, 1977 – Vintage Cocktail Friday Re-Run
Author: 2-in-1 International Recipe Card Collection, 1977
  • Ginger Ale, Iced
  • Beer
  1. Fill highball glass halfway up with ginger ale; fill with beer.
  2. *For a Ginger Gaff, substitute ginger beer for ginger ale
  3. *For Dark Shandy Gaff, substitute dark beer for beer



We decided on a variation of the Shandy Gaff, the Ginger Gaff, since all we had on hand was ginger beer, not ginger ale!


But we did decide to use the Champagne of Beer as our beer choice.



“This is good.”


“Very light and a good ginger flavor. I like it.”

The Verdict: Good

From The Tasting Notes:

Tastes like a light, sweetened beer. Is actually good with Miller High Life. Tastes a bit like the bottled summer shandys, except without that overpowering citrus flavor and a nice ginger flavor instead.