So, since schools here in Michigan are closed for the rest of this school year, let’s drink.


This is Flapjack Cocktail!



So, since this has been a heck of a day, we decided to get crazy and use maple syrup instead of just simple syrup. Simple syrup is basically sugar water. We could have easily made it, but this way seemed more fun. Plus, maple syrup in a Flapjack Cocktail? How could that be more perfect?



“I just…I can’t get behind this. It tastes too much like chicken and morels.”

The Verdict:  No Flapjacks

From The Testing Notes

First off, this didn’t taste like pancakes. And it wasn’t just because we didn’t use sugar syrup. If you have ever made a savory dish with sherry and cream before, there is no way that you will be able to drink this without thinking that the next taste in your mouth will be chicken or a mushroom or pasta. Maybe if you make a dessert with sherry in it, then this drink would at least have a chance with your tastbuds. Second, drinking this is kind of a waste, because you are consuming the basis of a really good dinner dish. Just toss it into a pan and you are halfway to dinner. Also, you totally couldn’t taste the maple flavor, it just tasted sweet, so we probably should have gone with the simple syrup.  Maybe if you don’t normally cook savory dishes sherry and you enjoy drinking cream, then this is the drink for you!