This week we are mixing ice cream with our alcohol!


And by “mixing” I mean, “pouring everything into a glass”.

This is Crème De Menthe parfait!

Creme De Menthe Parfait
Author: Arrow Cordials, 1960
  • 1 oz crème de menthe
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream
  • Maraschino Cherry
  1. Pour crème de menthe over ice cream in a parfait glass. Top with whipped cream and cherry.


This “drink” gets bonus points all around. It’s easy to make, it doubles as dessert AND it’s ridiculously delicious.

If you like mint, that is. If you don’t like mint, then use some crème de cacao!





“That’s the stuff.”

The Verdict: Delicious

From the Tasting Notes –

Very good. Basically tastes like mint and ice cream, or a grasshopper without crème de cacao. Easier to prepare than a blended grasshopper (less dishes!) and tastes excellent.