Well, we have another dessert on the Mid-Century recipe this week because, well…I didn’t feel like making anything gross.

So, you can imagine how upset I was when Tom requested rice pudding.


Okay, okay. You can stop yelling. I get it. You love rice pudding. I, however, hate the stuff. And tapioca pudding. It’s a texture thing, mostly.  I HATE firm chunks of things in pudding.  And in ice cream. It doesn’t matter if they are grains of rice or chocolate chips, when I come across them I just want to spit them out.

But, I also love Tom and he eats a lot of crummy stuff for this blog. So, when he asked me to make Cocoa Creamy Rice, I told him the only answer I could give him. The conversation when something like this:

“Look! Chocolate rice pudding! Why don’t we make this for the Menu?”


75 Glamorous Rice Dishes001



75 Glamorous Rice Dishes002

“But it’s chocolate.”

“I don’t care.”

“It will be interesting to see what it tastes like.”

“I can tell you right now what it’s going to taste like: Garbage.”

“I eat American Cheese all the time for you, and I hate American Cheese.”


“Also, I love you.”

I threw up my hands. “Fine! I’ll make the stupid pudding!”

And the making of Cocoa Creamy Rice began.


And then ended. It turns out that Cocoa Creamy Rice isn’t very photogenic, and also doesn’t have a lot of steps to it.

Which is fine with me.


But it did turn out sort of pretty, so at least it has that going for it.


Even if the consistency wasn’t quite right.

“What is the matter with it? It looks watery.”

“Yeah, that’s my fault. The only kind of rice we had was long grain rice.”

He shook his head.



“So? Is it everything you ever dreamed?”

“It’s chewy.”

“Yeah, that’s the rice.”

“It tastes like chewy rice in hot chocolate.”


The Verdict: Meh. Probably would have been better if I would have used medium grain rice.  The chocolate part was actually good.  It tasted like really good hot chocolate. With chewy, chewy rice in it. If it would have thickened properly with the proper rice it probably would have been great. For someone who likes rice pudding, that is.