In honor of reaching 13,000 Facebook followers (yay!) and 1,000 followers on the Mid-Century Menu Facebook Group (also yay!) I wanted to do something fun and different this week. So, I decided to quiz all of you to see how closely you have been paying attention to my periodic rants and weird recipes.

Behold! The thirteen-question Mid-Century Cooking Quiz! Feel free to write your answers in the comments below. I will post all the answers on the blog on Friday.

Ok, ready? Go!


Mid-Century Cooking Quiz

1. What is an alligator pear?

2. Name one flavor of Jell-O’s short-lived savory gelatin line.

3. How do you get onion juice?

4. How hot is the “moderate” oven setting?

5. What are acceptable mid-century food garnishes?

6. What do you add to prepackaged gelatin dessert to make it into a savory salad?

7. What is in Under The Sea Salad?

8. What is in California Dip?

9. What is Spry?

10. What does the word “salad” mean?

11. How long should seafood be cooked?

12. How do you make basic white sauce?

13. What is PET milk?

Have fun!

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