I got some amazing lamb cake submissions from you guys this year. Looks like everyone had a rocking Easter! But enough talking, let’s get to the lambs.

Cathy N

This lamb comes from Cathy N., who writes:

Dear Ruth,
Thank you so much for your Website with 8 days of lamb cakes. I bought a mold at an antique fair last year and finally used it for the first time a few weeks ago for a reunion with elementary school friends. It was the hit of the luncheon! Your tips really helped. I used the Nun’s cake recipe, frosted it with 7 minute icing and then sprinkled it with coconut.
You can see the results below on my messy kitchen table.
Cathy N

And, of course, the aftermath shot!

Cathy N 2

I couldn’t resist sending the sad end of the party version of my lamb cake.

Cathy N


This “lambasaur” is from Lisa, who writes:


I just wanted you to know I used your Renalde Lamb cake recipe for my lamb this year. For some reason my husband wanted a lizard/lamb hybrid, so we added some spikes and made the frosting lime green. He’s been dubbed the Lambasaur Rex. It probably was the most appropriate recipe I’ve used – it filled the mold completely and cooked without a problem. Thanks for doing all your research!



This lambie is from Lisa, who writes:

Hi Ruth,

Just finished my cake for tomorrow & wanted to thank you for all your help! (Renalde cake w/vintage bakery bday frosting.)

My husband grew up with these & was so excited that I finally got a mold & made one for him. Thanks again for all your tips & recipes & Happy Easter.

All best,



This cutie is from Diane, who writes:

I used the Renalde cake recipe. It tastes like I remember from childhood. The cake reminds us of my daughter’s Schnoodle, Boom. Great Easter! Thanks for the cake tips!

Diane D.


This lovely lamb is from Kylene, who writes:

I just found your blog recently and I was SO excited to learn that Lamb Cakes were a thing because my kids LOVE our lamb cake tradtition. I made the Renalde cake with the Vintage Bakery Birthday Cake frosting but I don’t believe in shortening. What is a vintage yet health conscious gal to do? Why, substitute organic virgin coconut oil for the shortening! It was amazing. The frosting had a subtle yet noticeable coconut flavor and I didn’t have to use any coconut flakes on the cake which makes certain members of my household very happy. Delicious!

Also because I thought you would appreciate it I made mine and my daughter’s vintage Easter dresses. Hers was a combination of two vintage dress and bonnet patterns and while mine was a retro reproduction pattern. We had a very retro Easter in our Retro Home.

-Kylene G

As a super-awesome bonus, check out this picture of the dresses Kylene made!

Kylene 2

So adorable!!


This fluffy little lamb is from Kari, who writes:

I grew up in Texas and had never heard of a lamb cake until I saw your
lamb cake recipes. Since I have a friend whose last name is Lamb, I
immediately had to buy a lamb cake pan to bake one for her birthday.

As you can see in the second picture, my lamb was a little
naughty. 😉

Kari 2

Ha ha!


This lamb with the pretty necklace is from Beth, who writes:

Hi Ruth — Happy Easter! I followed your 10 tips and they made all the difference. I should add that I used the Pope family cake recipe and the Miracle Frosting recipe. Now I’m reading back through your blog — Beth R


This lamb is from Marcelina, who writes:

Thank you so much for the lovely recipes! This one was Nun’s Golden Butter Cake with Coconut Buttercream (Sorry for the filter, it was Instagramed before it was eaten!) ~ Marcelina

Ann Marie

This little lamb (next to a bowl of gorgeously dyed Easter eggs) is from Anne Marie, who writes:

Thank you for the lamb cake tips! It was my first lamb cake – first
Easter with my new husband, whose mom always makes a lamb cake to take
with their Polish food items to be blessed on holy Saturday. We
carried on the tradition and the lamb cake made a splash at the food
blessing…and was a delicious dessert on Sunday. Thanks again!
Anne Marie

Anne Marie

And here is a picture of Anne Marie with her lamb! Adorable!

Ellen W Lambs

These lambie twins were sent in by Ellen W, who writes:

Hi Ruth,
I was thrilled to find your site with the ten tips for a perfect lamb cake. Thank you very much! It was the support and encouragement I needed to tackle the task. I inherited the lamb cake pans from my grandmother.

Ellen W

We believe she purchased the pans in the 1950s and made a lamb cake every Easter until 1992. She kept this paper with the lamb pans and used the recipe included.

Ellen W Recipe

We always enjoyed the cake and thought it had a wonderful flavor and texture. Last weekend I finally got up enough nerve and baked my very first lamb cake…with mixed results! I carefully followed the recipe and your tips. Reinforcing the head and neck before baking was a brilliant idea! I remember many times seeing my grandmother attempt to get the ears and nose out of the pan in one piece and then having to put parts back together again with toothpicks and glue (frosting). Unfortunately my cake did not rise into the top pan so I was left with a flat backed and emaciated looking lamb! I baked a second one and hoped it would go better. Unfortunately I got another skinny lamb. I decided to put them back to back (and glue them together with frosting so they would hold each other up) and just deal with it…did I mention they were going to a party and everybody was eagerly awaiting the return of the lamb cake?
Turns out everybody loved them and thought they tasted delicious!
I wish I had a close up photo but these will have to do.
Thanks again for your excellent tips and photos. Your website is fabulous!
Kind regards and happy baking,
Ellen W.


This lovely lamb is from Jennifer! I love the ribbon and the little face.

Leslie W

Look at this adorable lamb and cupcakes from Leslie W.! Leslie writes:


Here is my submission for the 2013 gallery! Complete with the cupcakes that my sons insisted we frost pink and blue.


Leslie W.


Kelly head

This cute lamb with its head on the plate is from Kelly! Kelly writes:

Hi Ruth,
I came across your blog while looking for lamb cake recipes for my grandmother’s cast iron lamb cake mold/iron maiden. I hadn’t baked one in a few years and was looking for some good recommendations. I’m so glad I found your site! It has a really great look and such good information. For my cake I made the Pope family cake and frosted it with a cream cheese frosting for the body and a cocoa powder and powdered sugar icing for the face and ears. Next time I think I’ll go for more authenticity and use a black jelly bean for the nose as well.
Keep up the good work. Maybe a post on Watergate salad from the 70’s?

Joy M

And last, but not least, this jaunty little lamb picture was sent by Joy M through our Facebook page. Thanks, Joy!

Thanks to everyone to sent in their awesome lamb cakes for the 2013 Lamb Gallery!  They are all awesome and I am so pumped that you decided to share it with me and everyone who reads this blog.

But enough of that! Here is what you’ve all been waiting for.

The Winner of the random drawing and the vintage cookbook is….

Ellen W. and her lambie twins!

Ellen W Lambs

Congrats, Ellen! I hope you love your cookbook!