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Golden Tuna Shortcake – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-run

I know that Lent is over, but I was digging around in the archives recently and came across this bad...

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Butter Balls – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I really like chicken soup with dumplings. These dumplings, though… hmm. « Previous Reader's...

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Frankfurter Macaroni Salad Loaf, 1955 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

So, talk about starting this year off with a bang. I bring you perhaps the most completely mid-century...

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Christmas Sandwich, 1972 – A Mid-Century Holiday Recipe Test

December is here and Christmas is coming up fast, so I thought I would make a little something to get...

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Quick Turkey Pie – Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Guest Test

If your family is anything like mine, there’s always some leftovers. But turkey sandwiches are...

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No-Fry Doughnuts, 1976 – A Mid-Century Halloween Recipe Test

Happy Halloween! This week we are celebrating with one of the most traditional of mid-century Halloween...

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Frankfurter Meat Loaf, 1965 – A Vintage Recipe Test

So, everyone’s been waiting for me to make a meatloaf with hot dogs in it, right? Right? Well, good...

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Masked Hot Dogs – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Hot dogs and gelatin aren’t the most photogenic ingredients out there. So I asked for a bit of...

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Salmon Vermouth Casserole, 1977 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we are opening cans, dumping them together, adding vermouth and calling it a casserole! This...

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