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No-Fry Doughnuts, 1976 – A Mid-Century Halloween Recipe Test

Happy Halloween! This week we are celebrating with one of the most traditional of mid-century Halloween...

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Frankfurter Meat Loaf, 1965 – A Vintage Recipe Test

So, everyone’s been waiting for me to make a meatloaf with hot dogs in it, right? Right? Well, good...

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Masked Hot Dogs – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Hot dogs and gelatin aren’t the most photogenic ingredients out there. So I asked for a bit of...

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Salmon Vermouth Casserole, 1977 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we are opening cans, dumping them together, adding vermouth and calling it a casserole! This...

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Frankfurters in Crust – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I wouldn’t have wanted to be in on the brainstorming session for this recipe. Coming up with the...

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Spicy Party Waffles, 1963 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week we were in the mood for waffles! Print Spicy Party Waffles Author: Better Homes...

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Asparagus Casserole – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Casseroles can be comfort food: warm, full of calories, and plenty of tasty ingredients that play well...

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Barbecue Gelatin Cheese Cracker Pie – A Vintage Pie July Recipe Re-Run

I hope you guys are loving Vintage Pie July! I have been looking over things in the archives and chuckling,...

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Rice Pie with Meat Crust, 1953 – Vintage Pie July!

I hope you guys are enjoying Vintage Pie July, because I am having a great time doing this. Who knew...

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