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Golden Tuna Shortcake – A Mid-Century Lenten Recipe Test

This week we are having tuna! Tuna covered with Velveeta. Mmmm…mmm! Tom’s favorite. This is Golden...

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Chicken Pineapple Treats – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Most of the time, we do our retro recipes as a household. Even when I do the cooking and Buzz does the...

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Spaghetti Subs – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

We are dipping into the archives this week and pulling out one of the most hilarious recipes that Tom...

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Hearty Corned Beef Salad – A Mid-Century St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Test

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! And what better way to celebrate then with a corned beef gelatin...

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Curly Franks – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Soooo…I am not exactly sure what happened to this dish. All I know is that it turned out pretty hilarious. This...

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Tuna Fish-Apple Sandwiches – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

The mid-century kitchen wasn’t all about jello and tomato soup. Sometimes, they just made sandwiches. ...

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Crab Cobbler – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Who would like a nice, steaming bowl of cobbler? Crab cobbler, that is! I was actually excited to test...

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Souper Special Omelet – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

If you’ve been reading Mid-Century Menu long enough, you’re used to tomato soup going into...

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Chicken Cornetti – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

A mid-century recipe is just slightly more fun with a strange name. This, for example, looks like “insane...

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Old-Fashioned Indoor Weenie Roast – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we have a fun recipe. This is a “1970’s does 1950’s” recipe that we found in our very...

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