Mystery Pecan Pie – A Mid-Century Thanksgiving Recipe Test From The Archives

The biggest cooking day of the year is coming up! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am already starting...

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P-Nutty Apple Crunch, 1970 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Most of you know by now that I have a weakness for weird ingredients in desserts. Tomato soup? Bring...

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Hershey’s Snow Ghost Pie – 1972

  From Woman’s Day, 1972 « Previous Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie...

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Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie – A Vintage Halloween Recipe Test

Well, since tomorrow is Halloween we thought we would do things up right around here and make a recipe...

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Concord Grape Pie With Crumb Topping – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

It’s grape season here in Michigan, and this year I decided to take some of our bounty and make a grape...

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Apricot Parfait Pie with Chocolate Pastry – 1952

Print Apricot Parfait Pie with Chocolate Pastry   Ingredients For Filling: 1 cup apricot...

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Frozen Orange Tarts and Frozen Strawberry Pie – 1950

From A Sampler of Modern Sour Cream Recipes, 1950 « Previous Vintage Kitchen...

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Easy Margarita Pie With A Coconut Pretzel Crust – A Mid-Century Recipe Redone

Even though I really loved the recently posted Lemonade Pie, I have to admit it was a bit fussy to make...

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Banana Mallow Pie – 1973

From Family Circle Magazine – 1973 « Previous Colorful Cookies With Gelatin...

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Lemonade Fluff Pie With A Coconut Crust – A Retro Recipe Test

It’s been soooo darn hot. Who is in the mood for a nice, light lemon pie? This pie comes from Colonial...

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