Sarah’s Pumpkin Pie – Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Guest Test

We’re going to detour quickly to dessert with this guest test. Mystery Pecan Pie is a classic...

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Mystery Pecan Pie, 1964 – A Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Re-Run

I know, I know. I have re-run this recipe before, but this pie is just So. Dang. Good. Seriously! This...

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Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie – A Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Re-Run

This is it!! It’s the biggest eating season of the year! After we finish off all the Halloween candy...

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Aunt Maria’s Vermont Maple Sugar Pie, 1945 – A Vintage Pie Recipe Test

If you like sugar (and I mean really, really like sugar) then have I got a pie for you! This is Maple...

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Brownie Pie – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Sure, it’s not July anymore. And pie should probably be a “sometimes food.” But this...

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Cantaloup Pie – Vintage Pie July – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

So this is the third fruit with meringue pie I’m making this month. It’s easily the strangest,...

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Fruit Cocktail Pie – Vintage Pie July – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I remember being very confused as a child when , while we were all at some wedding, a relative mentioned...

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Grand Finale Peanut Butter Pie – A Vintage Pie July Re-Run

This pie originally ran in September of 2012, but I think it has potential, so I am breaking it out again...

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Chocolate Topping Pie, 1952 – Vintage Pie July

This week we have another fun pie for Pie July! This is Chocolate Topping Pie! 5.0 from 3 reviews...

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