Since no one is going to Florida for spring break, let’s make a cocktail and pretend.


This is a Floridian Cocktail!


Trying really, really hard to stay positive in all this. The thing that is mostly keeping us going is that the kids are starting to get into the swing of things, so this abnormal schedule has become their new normal.  That keeps the struggling at a minimum. Also, I am really, really starting to enjoy happy hour. When Tom is done with holding his phone to his head and talking about chemicals, we can actually sit down and talk. Or, more accurately, I can talk at him and Tom just sits there looking tired.

Oh, and we drink. Don’t forget the drinking.


“This is good. I like this one.”

The Verdict: Good

From The Tasting Notes –

A simple,delicious cocktail. We used spiced rum, which actually ended up tasting really good because the vanilla notes went really well with the orange juice. Not something extremely wild, but if you have a chance to spike your OJ in the next couple of days, maybe try this instead of vodka.


What are you spending your time at home doing? Share in the comments here or on the FB page. Please tell me some of you are organizing something. I hadn’t realized how much of a neat freak/organizer I’ve become until I didn’t have time for my daily dose of tackling things to sort.