A Snow Man DessertBy caitlinthewriterOur family dinner was to be on Christmas Eve, and the big question was what to serve as a Christmas dessert, that would be both novel and suitable for the small nieces and nephews. It was finally decided to have a snow-man dessert which would meet the careful mother’s approval.
Avocado Simple SaladBy caitlinthewriterPublished by the Detroit Mirror, a Picture Newspaper for the Home; Serves 4
Avocado BreadBy caitlinthewriterA Book of Favorite Recipes Compiled by Woman’s Society of Christian Service 1971
Asparagus WashingBy caitlinthewriterHow long to cook asparagus? 10 to 15 minutes, some experts say. Others advise: never cover the pot and cook only until asparagus is “al dente.” But one person’s “al dente” may be another person’s “raw.” So my advice is cook to your taste, but do not overcook.
Fritter BatterBy caitlinthewriterAsparagus Fritters - Sexton Cookbook 50 servings
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