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Popcorn Caramel Roll

Yields1 Serving

Tested Recipe!

 1 package ready to pop popcorn
 1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
 ½ cup evaporated milk
 2 tbsp light corn syrup
 ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate pieces
 ½ cup butterscotch pieces
 1 cup ground dry toasted peanuts
 3 tbsp water
 1 pound vanilla caramels

Pop corn according to package directions. Set aside


Mix sugar, milk, and syrup together. Heat, stirring constantly until sugar has dissolved. Bring to boil and cook, continuing to stir, for 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Add chocolate and butterscotch pieces, and stir until candy melts. Stir in nuts. Cool. Then shape into roll and chill in the refrigerator.


Add water to caramels and melt over hot water. When melted, cool to almost lukewarm. Add to popped corn and mix well.


Place candy roll in the center of the popped corn-caramel mixture. Shape corn around candy roll so it is completely covered. Let stand for about an hour. Cut into ΒΌ inch slices. Makes about 30 slices.