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Chicken Baked In Milk

Yields1 Serving

Tested Recipe!

 1 Whole chickenCut up

"My mother always cooked chicken this way, and guests never failed to ask how it was prepared, and how such delicious gravy resulted. It is really very simple."


"Prepare and cut up a 5 pound chicken as for frying, and brown the pieces well in a frying pan, using a mixture of butter and shortening. Season with salt and pepper while frying. When nicely browned, pour in enough sweet milk to half-cover the chicken. Cover the pan tightly and bake in a 350-degree oven for about 2 hours, or until the milk has all been absorbed and the chicken is very tender. Turn the pieces once while baking. When done, remove the chicken to a hot platter, add flour to the fat and juices remaining in the pan, and stir over low heat for a few minutes; then add milk and cook, stirring constantly, until smoothly thickened. Season to taste and let cook slowly 10 minutes longer before serving."

Modern Directions

Cut up a whole fryer or use already cut chicken with the bones in and skin on.


Put 3 tablespoons of shortening or oil and 3 tablespoons of salted butter into a frying pan. Heat until hot and then brown the chicken pieces well on all sides, being careful not to burn it.


Transfer to an oven-safe dish if needed. Make sure to pour the fat from the bottom of the frying pan and all the brown fried bits into the oven-safe dish. Season with salt and pepper. Pour whole milk into pan, filling until the chicken is about half-covered. This will be about a cup of milk, or more if you are using a larger pan.


Cover tightly with foil or a lid and bake in a 350-degree oven for two hours, or until you can twist and remove the leg bone from the chicken leg.


Remove chicken from the pan, and strain the remaining juices. If there isn't enough in the pan drippings/juice to make at least two cups, add milk until it is two cups.


Take fat from the oven-safe pan and heat it on the stove in a saucepan until hot. Add enough flour to make a medium-thick roux (about four tablespoons of fat to four tablespoons of flour). Cook roux for a few minutes, and then slowly add the two cups of juices/liquid while whisking the roux. Cook, stirring constantly until the juices thicken to a gravy.