Well, hello everyone! Long time no chat, and I apologize for that. I’ve been getting lots of messages and emails asking what is going on and if I am ok, so I thought I would give everyone an update on the family and the blog status.

  1. We are fine!

Everything here is going about as well as it can be. My family is safe and happy, even though we have had some great and crappy stuff happen to us in the past year. The low was the shooting at the local high school, which was shocking and terrifying, as those things are. The kids are fine, and we have returned to as normal of a life as possible. The elementary kids have returned to school with police protection, security guards, and therapy dogs. And if you ever think your community is too small or close-knit to ever have something like this happen, please know that it can happen to anyone.

Our high point of the year was a 6-week trip to Switzerland, which we took so that Tom could work in the lab of the Swiss arm of his company. It was absolutely amazing and I don’t think we are ever going to have that much fun on a trip ever again. Even TJ cried when it was time to come back home. We stayed in our own apartment in the Zurich area, stuffing chocolate and cheese into our mouths three meals a day, and it was amazing.

The second highlight was our new pet, a little white bunny that we named Teddy. If you are on the fence about a dwarf bunny, you should totally go for it. Teddy is basically a furry cat that can’t jump up on the furniture. He is litter box trained and everything. The best part is that he puts up with TJ being a 5-year-old boy (screaming, playing trucks, running places unexpectedly) like a champ. Highly, highly recommend.

2. I’m not going to be posting recipe tests on the blog anymore or going on social media. 

Yep, it’s time to retire from recipe testing! It has been a good 11 years, but I’m packing in the blog and recipe testing. I am currently in the middle of a large project digitizing and donating my recipe collection. I’ve turned the Patreon into a snail mail recipe club with digital recipe benefits, so if you want to receive some of my collection in the mail every month and also have access to the digital recipe collection, please head over there.

I’m also done with social media, though I have created a Discord server, which is free to join. I will be having twice-monthly cocktail party live streams on there (first one is on January 8th!), daily posted recipe cards and daily posted digital vintage cookbooks. Plus, you can share pet photos, which makes it perfect. You can click here to sign up for a free Discord account and join the Mid-Century Menu server. 

And feel free to send me your lamb cake photos this spring through email! I will not be doing a contest, but if I get enough photos I will post the reader lamb cake gallery here on the blog, which will be live for the next two years (I paid for hosting in advance!).

 I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful 2022, and I will see you on Patreon and Discord