Well, hello there everyone! It’s been a crazy, exhausting, emotional week here on Mid-Century Menu. But I’m here to tell you a couple of things that will be impacting the normal rhythm of this blog. Hopefully for only a few months!

The social media accounts for the blog have had a temporary pause as I have been dealing with some particularly vicious trolls this week. And while I acknowledge that there is historical ephemera and cookbooks that can be viewed through our modern lens as being offensive, that doesn’t mean that I am going to sit on the side and do nothing when the mob demands that they be burned. Thanks to the patrons over on my Patreon for reminding me that what I do is important historically, I can’t take attacks personally, and I am coming from a place of power that people will always want to destroy. However, I do not now, nor will I ever, take threats to Tom and my children lightly. Ever.

So, the current status of things is this:

Social media accounts have been paused until the trolls find someone else to pick on.

The Lamb Cake Contest will totally proceed. (Email your entries to ruthmidcenturymenu@gmail.com)

The blog, as it stands, will stay online. Unfortunately, commenting on the blog will be impossible or made difficult for culling out trolls.

Future posts on the blog will be presented monthly, and will be more of a round-up style, depicting dishes I have tried and cookbooks I have digitized.

Future posts of recipe testing and anything involving Tom and my kids will be moved to Patreon. I have never wanted to move things behind a paywall, but safety demands it. Recipe testing posts will be available for all support tiers. Access to my unedited digital cookbook and historical ephemera collection (which is ever-growing) will also be available for all support tiers. I will also be making my courses from my currently-on-hold cooking school available to all support tiers.

Hopefully, this is all temporary, and we will be able to go back to cooking together soon. I am dedicated to preserving the culinary past of this country, and nothing has changed. Keep cooking and collecting out there, guys, and know that I am with you!