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Holiday Meat Tree

Yields1 Serving

Tested Recipe!

 1 long loaf unsliced bread
 2 pounds assorted cold sliced meats
 1 bunch leaf lettuce or kale
 Stuffed olives

For the tree (which is NOT eaten), cut an inch off of one end of bread and stand loaf up on that end. Cover surface with leaf lettuce and secure with toothpicks. Decorate entire surface of the tree with folded slices of meat. Fold each slice in half, then in thirds and fasten to the tree with toothpicks. Begin at base and work clockwise around and around to the top, alternating kinds of meat (bologna, Cotto salami and hard salami are a nice combination). For color, fill in the spaces with radishes and olives. Place meat tree on serving platter and surround with crackers and sauces for dunking meat into.