Lamb Cakes And Frostings

Lamb Cakes and Frostings tested on the blog.  These are all vintage recipes!

An “*” behind the recipe designates an excellent recipe!

Lamb Cake:

Trish’s Lamb Cake

Renalde Lamb Cake *

The Albin Family Lamb Cake

The Pope Family Lamb Cake *

Martha Meade Lamb Cake

Lady Baltimore Lambie Cake

The Joy of Cooking Lamb Cake

Nun’s Golden Butter Cake *



Vintage Bakery Frosting *

White Fudge Frosting

Frosting For Animold Bunny Cake

High Humidity Buttercream *


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  1. Beth April 19, 2014 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    Enjoyed your tips on making a lamb cake – wish I had paid more attention to similar tips I’ve seen online. Made a lamb cake today with a vintage aluminum pan. It has no vent for steam or to check doneness. I used a strawberry cake mix and add-ins to make it a pound cake. Tied the halves together, had a little leakage but not much. When I first took the top piece (the back) off, I saw that the cake had shrunk slightly as it cooled. By the time the cake had completely cooled, the poor little lamb was as thick as one half of the mold. Not sure why. I had filled it to the rim of the bottom half. Any advice? Also, lost the head after it was frosted and on display as my centerpiece. Hubby helped me put it back on with plastic coffee stirrers, which we learned will not hold the head on. Ended up leaving the head next to the body, to look like a lamb laying down completely, using a long bamboo skewer threaded through the left ear, which had also fallen off, to the right rear corner of the lamb. This was my first attempt, but will try again next spring. Not stressing about it. The grand kids will love it. It’s not my only dessert, so we’ll be OK for Easter dinner tomorrow.

  2. Sovie Mary May 2, 2014 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    I fondly remember all the booklets that featured the Kraft cu8t-out cakes for birthdays and holidays{mine got lost in moving}but your lamb cake is the best and most elegant!!!!!!

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