Watch Them Eat


Filbert Torte and Meringue Kisses

I don’t know what looks better in this picture, the desserts or the room! If you want to see...

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That Horse Has Gone To The Dogs

Food in the freezer: Pictsweet vegetables, Spoon blueberries, Pet Ritz cakes, Morton apple pie, Campbell’s...

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Live To Serve Manhattans

What is with this book?  Could they not afford two chairs for the photo shoot or something? Here, again,...

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Have A Chick-n-Tastic Father’s Day!

Mmmm-mmmm!!! Thanks, Dad! Our construction-paper dog can hardly wait! From Jewel recipe handout, approx...

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Take It Easy The Old-Fashioned Way

Nothing like trying to serve salad while on your knees to relax a person… From How To Make 46 Drinks...

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Lets Make A Sandwich

Vintage Video: Let’s Make A Sandwich

Mmm…Tuna Rarebit. That’s always what I’m hungry for after the movies! Thanks, Sally...

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From Your Home And You, 1961 « Previous Blue Plate Special   Next » Snotty...

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A Serious Conversation

“So then I said, ‘I am pretty sure those were gone when I got here,’” “Uh-huh.” “And...

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A Sense of Relief

“Whew. Okay, you can all dig in. I found Bob’s glass eye.” From Good Housekeeping Cook Book, 1941 « Previous Why...

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