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Stuffed Beef Heart – 1968

To stuff a heart, remove the hard parts. Close the slit with metal skewers, then lace and tie with string...

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A 1954 Chart of Veal and Beef Retail Cuts

From 250 Ways to Prepare Meat, 1954 « Previous Quick Brownies – A Mid-Century...

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A Guide To “Cuts” for Purchasing Fish, 1954

Fish is marketed in various forms for different uses. Knowing these “cuts” of fish is important...

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Box Lunch Picnic With Gay Dixie Plates

  From “Let’s Eat Outdoors”, 1955 « Previous Tuna On Toasted English...

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Papaya Facial Mask – In Case You Are Wondering About The South American Beauty Queens

From Exotic Fruit Cookbook, 1969. « Previous Shrimp-Dill Pate   Next » Sweet...

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Making Tea for 2 or 200 – Too Good Tuesday

From The Modern Hostess, Entertaining Ideas from Salada Foods Kitchen, approx. 1960 « Previous Halloween...

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1970’s Tabletop Appliances Identified

I really want that covered portable charcoal cooker. And that French bread warmer. ‘Cause that’s...

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How To Eat It: Olives & Pickles

Remember, no cleaning stones in the mouth!!! From Everyday Etiquette, 1956 « Previous Tuna...

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How To Eat It: Fish

Or bones can be delicately choked on… From Everyday Etiquette, 1956 « Previous Scarlett...

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