So elegant! I actually sort of love how colorful it is.

There’s Always Room – Tropic Sunset Salad

Slow Cooker Greek Dinner with Tropic Sunset Salad as a starter. I feel like “Betty Draper: The...

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Jell-O Has Put Salad Flavors in Gelatin – 1965

New Jell-O Salad Gelatin comes in four real salad flavors: Celery, Mixed Vegetable, and now Italian...

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New Apple Jell-O Advertisement – 1955

Now there are seven delicious flavors! Jell-O’s latest has a bright, refreshing taste – a magnificent...

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Chill-And-Bake Cranberry Cake – Too Good Tuesday

Wow! If only I hadn’t made so many cookies! From Fleischmann’s Yeast advertisement, 1961 « Previous My...

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Cheez Whiz Circle Burgers

“Form into doughnut-shaped patties.” From Cheez Whiz Idea Book, approx 1975 « Previous Frosty...

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Everybody Just Loves Chicken

Nothing better than chicken, foil and MSG. Nothing can make it better, except when you pour corn oil...

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Your Just Desserts On A Budget

Yeah, I’ve been known to mix two or more of these together at once. What’s it to ya? Also – I...

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Classic Butter Cookies

Ummm…yum! From Land O Lakes butter package, approx. 1978 « Previous Proven...

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Panhandling For Soup

In the spirit of the ongoing “Let’s Sing a Tune To Tuna” recipe contest! From “Let’s Go Panhandling”,...

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