Wham SPAM Pie – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

Who is ready for a SPAM pie? I stumbled across this in the archives the other day and it had me chuckling...

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Gretchen’s Casserole, 1958 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Who’s ready for some Spam??  This week we have an awesome casserole that was make completely by opening...

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Checkerboard Bake – Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

Well, I have been looking at Spam recipes in the archives recently, so I thought I would bust this one...

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SPAM Oven Barbecue, 1956 – A Vintage Hunt’s Recipe Test

This month of Halloween treats continues with spooky and creepy recipes that aren’t really meant to...

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Wham Spam Pie – A Vintage Recipe Test

So, this is a Spam pie. A Wham Spam Pie. Which might be the best name for a recipe pretty much ever. Yeah,...

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SPAM and Hormel Cure 81 Ham – The Mid-Century Shopping Cart

From Holiday Recipes for the 12 Days of Christmas, 1970 « Previous Happy Memorial...

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Fun On A Bun – 1950

From “Let’s Eat Outdoors”, 1950 « Previous Ham Mousse Imperial –...

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Oven Barbecue – 1955

Say – you might have the makings of this easy dinner on your pantry shelf right now! Open a few cans,...

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Checkerboard Bake with Kraft Dinner and Spam – A Retro Recipe Test

Did you know that it has been over a year since I made a SPAM dish for this blog?? I know, I know. Shameful. But...

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