Hello Jell-O

So elegant! I actually sort of love how colorful it is.

There’s Always Room – Tropic Sunset Salad

Slow Cooker Greek Dinner with Tropic Sunset Salad as a starter. I feel like “Betty Draper: The...

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Gingered Pear and Chicken Salad, 1954 – Best-Loved Chicken and Turkey Recipes of 24 Good Cooks

From Best Loved Chicken and Turkey Recipes of 24 Good Cooks, 1954 « Previous Apple...

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Frozen Valentine Rounds – A Vintage Gelatin Recipe Re-Run

This week I dug into the archives to pull out a Valentine’s Day gelatin, because I am pretty sure it...

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Holiday Apple Waldorf Salad With Gelatin – A Mid-Century Christmas Recipe Test

Remember a few years ago when someone packaged little chocolate covered things and marketed them as reindeer...

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Tomato Aspic Marinara – 1968

From The Wonderful World of Welches, 1968 « Previous Creamed Kohlrabi –...

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Pickle and Pineapple Salad – A Retro Gelatin Dare, or Knoxapocalypse II

It’s finally here! Welcome to the Retro Gelatin Dare Part II, known more playfully as Knoxapocalypse...

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Potato Salad Gelatin Mold – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

I hope everyone is looking forward to Labor Day! I know I am. And it preparation for all the cookouts...

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Basic Main Course Salad – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tuna in gelatin? I haven’t? Well, I hate it. Hate! So when Stephanie...

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Sea Breeze Salad – A Mid-Century Gelatin Test

This week we have a gelatin that is decidedly NOT gross. Sea Breeze Salad! This thing is basically jelled...

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Pickle Olive Jell-O – A Mid-Century Gelatin Test

Sometimes, when something is really good or when something comes together just right or you have an epiphany,...

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