Chocolate Topping Pie, 1952 – Vintage Pie July

This week we have another fun pie for Pie July! This is Chocolate Topping Pie! 5.0 from 2 reviews...

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Sour Cream Raisin Pie – Vintage Pie July – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

We love pie in our house. Pieathalon was a lot of fun. And when Retro Ruth suggested we spend a whole...

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Grandma’s Rhubarb Meringue Pie – Vintage Pie July!!

So, I was really excited about the recent First Annual Pieathalon Blogger Challenge. It was crazy, and...

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Avocado Lime Pie, 1966 – The First Annual Pieathalon!

It’s time for pie!! And not just any pie! This week I am lucky (meh?) enough to be participating in...

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Cheerios Toffee – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

This doesn’t look too fancy. And I wasn’t actually expecting very much from it. How much...

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Mrs. Kahn’s Banana Sour Cream Cake – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

By RetroRuth This week’s recipe was all about what I had laying around the house.  I was out of...

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Chocolate Cream Squares, 1974 – A Vintage Chocolate Recipe Test

So, this year I was really happy that everyone was so enthusiastic about the 2014 Lamb Cake Gallery,...

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Apricot Angel Cake Surprise – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I think this recipe’s name is rather bizarre. It sort of ruins the surprise when you explain all...

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Can Do Salad – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

This recipe has it all. Cutesy title, vintage brand-name product, and gelatin. What could go wrong? ...

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