This week we are busting out some apple cider for Vintage Cocktail Friday!


This is Thomas & Jeremiah!


Thomas & Jeremiah
  • 1½ jigger white rum
  • 2 dashes lime juice
  • Add brown sugar to taste (We added a tsp)
  • Hot sweet cider
  1. In a tall glass, mix rum, lime juice and brown sugar. Fill glass with hot cider.


So, we didn’t have a tall heatproof glass that was vintage, so we mixed ours in a larger cup and then just poured off a small amount into our vintage Pyrex cups. It worked!



“How is it? Is it weird?”

“A little. Mostly it just tastes like hard cider.”

The Verdict: Hard Cider

From The Tasting Notes –

Tasted like a bland hard cider. Not a great pairing, but it was good enough. It might be a better drink with better cider (we just had grocery store cider on hand), or if the cider was spiced. The rum flavor was very noticeable, and kind of overpowered the more delicate cider flavors. It ended up tasting almost like apple juice mixed with rum.

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