“We have been working really hard on this stupid rice cookbook.”


“I don’t know. I am just afraid the food photography people are going to screw it up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if someone is looking at a plate with a big slab of meat on it, they aren’t going to look at the rice. It’s plain. It’s boring. No one gets excited by a rice side dish.”

“Oh…I see what you mean. Okay. Well. Maybe we can just put lots of rice on the plate.”


“And then have them turn it so the rice faces the camera.”


Glamorous Rice002

“I don’t know if that is enough rice. We really want people to see the rice, you know?”

Glamorous Rice001

“Yeah! That’s it.”

“I still don’t know.  We’ve hidden the meat and added more rice, but it just isn’t enough. It just seems a little plain to me, you know. A little white.”

“Maybe we should add some color?”

Glamorous Rice003


From 75 Glamorous Rice Dishes, approx 1955