Dormeyer CookbookThis recipe, while being different than the norm for us, wasn’t one that I chose for its ease or “Ew” factor.  I chose this week’s recipe because I accidentally bought too many gallons of milk last week.  On Saturday morning, Hubs poured himself a big glass of milk, took a gulp, and make a horrible face.

“Sniff this,” he said, “Does this smell bad to you?”

Now, I haven’t learned all of life’s lessons yet. Far from it. But I would have to say that in my experience, when someone tells you to sniff something as asks if it’s bad, it usually means it is. No sniffing required.

“Yes,” I said without sniffing the milk. “It is.”

“But I just broke the seal on this milk!  It is a brand new gallon!”

I inspected the gallon. “Well, here you go. The sell by date is today. We didn’t drink it fast enough. Stupid milk coupons.”dormeyer002

So we have a whole gallon of slightly sour milk to use up in a few days.  Luckily, I was going through my cookbooks looking for ideas, and I found a recipe for pancakes that use sour milk.

Oh sure, I didn’t have the piece of equipment that goes with these recipes.  But look at this face! This guy certainly can’t steer me wrong. And it is a “Treasure Book”, right? Everything will turn out just fine.

Pancake RecipeThe recipe itself, with a red mark made by my grandmother indicating it was a good one. Score!

flowers-and-auction-040The ingredients, prepped and ready to go.

Ok, first problem. I didn’t see this until later, but I added THREE eggs when the recipe only called for TWO. Ah well, I guess that’s what happens when you cook early in the morning…

The second problem was that I was trying to cook from a book where the mixer’s speeds didn’t mesh with my own.

“It says ‘Mix at 7’. Do you think 7 is slow or fast?”

Shrugging shoulders. “Dunno. Let’s go with fast!”flowers-and-auction-043

The suspiciously foamy batter, waiting to go in the pan.

“Is it supposed to be so bubbly?”

“I’m not sure.”  Sniffing. “Sniff this, does it smell funny to you?”

“Oh, shut up and hand me that ladle.”

flowers-and-auction-044Cooking in the pan. This time, the bubbles are from the heat. flowers-and-auction-048

The finished pancakes, waiting to be eaten.  Hubs liked them, but said they were a little plain.  I thought they were pretty good, but too eggy.  Probably because I used too many eggs.

The verdict: Good.  I will try the recipe again, correctly next time, when I find myself with more expired milk.

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